Photo Exhibition by Grant Lee Neuenburg

XiLuNGuiNi is a word about language. It is the title given by Grant Lee Neuenburg to his showing photographic works from the series Guachenegrafia and Love Maputo shown together at the Kulungwana, Gallery. This exhibition is a contribution by Grant Lee Neuenburg to the evolving language of the photographic image. A language that is the contemporary, that is Maputo’s contemporary and surrounds everyone. It is expressed in close cropped details, incidents passed and not seen by most.

Grant Lee Neuenburg with unexpected framing photographs surfaces that have been rubbed, torn, scratched, rusted and rotted.

It becomes as a visual language of absorption, adaption, disfiguration and change. There is a look to the urban language of graffiti and marked walls as an amplification of nature’s process of patterning material decay.

These images are also memory embedded on surfaces such as the wooden painted surfaces of boats and they become images of the abstraction of time.

The images are rich and dense and ultimately autonomous, revealing a mystery that holds each image to us as we try to read the language of it.

13 June - 20 July 2013